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How healthcare is best delivered in the UK

As a consequence of an ageing population there is an overwhelming pressure to service the demand for both urgent and planned care, in particular at periods of peak demand such as wintertime. Nowhere more so in this health economy than the acute hospital are the challenges so great. At both a national level and on a trust by trust basis, service redesign is crucial to the sustainability of the health service.

What would it mean if you could relieve surgical activity by 10%?

Through the provision of our mobile healthcare facilities, Vanguard can assist acute hospitals to function in the most productive, patient centred and clinically safe manner. The flexibility of solution opens the door to a variety of opportunities, all with limited risk and the chance for rapid deployment, including:

  • Transform your local community hospital by adding operating theatre and/or endoscopy suite facilities on an as needed basis.
  • Alternately a GP health center can be used to deliver elective care.
  • In areas where no existing real estate exists, a low cost pre-fabricated building, or ‘healthport’, can be constructed allowing theatre or endoscopy services to be ‘docked’ on an as needed basis.. Sweating the expensive asset.
  • For ease and convenience a day surgery unit or endoscopy facility can be located in the car park of a retail, leisure or sports complex.
  • If true delivery of planned surgery in the community is a step too far, then providing additional capacity on the main hospital site is a tried and tested solution. Either standalone or attached to the main hospital via a covered walkway.

The range of alternative solutions enables hospitals to;

  1. Relieve pressure on resources and infrastructure
  2. Deliver care in the community
  3. Provide rapid access to treatment
  4. Maintain quality systems
  5. Pay as you earn
  6. Require no capital outlay

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