Mobile Ward - Vanguard Healthcare UK

When ward space is at a premium, the introduction of a mobile ward facility can significantly increase the bed spaces available at a hospital – reducing pressures on the trust and improving patient access. Vanguard’s mobile wards can supplement existing facilities during refurbishment or be used to overcome capacity challenges.


Our Mobile Ward facility consists of:

  • Reception / Nurse Station
  • Changing room
  • 8 bed ward
  • Bedhead system with oxygen, vacuum and lights
  • Utility areas
  • Toilet with wheelchair access
  • Refreshment area
  • HEPA filtered environmental air filtration system

Available either as a stand­alone unit or integrated with a Mobile Modular Operating Room to form a Day Surgery facility.


Unit dimensions

15.5m length by 6.5m width

Site location required

20m by 10.5m (210m²)

Electrical supply

63 Amp 3 phase power

Water supply

1 x 15mm pipe at 3 bar – brass screw tap connection

Foul drainage

3 x 35mm pipe


2 connections

Unit layout plan

360˚ View


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