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When theatre space is at a premium, a mobile theatre facility can offer a significant increase in clinical capacity. Presenting a modern clinical environment suitable for a range of general and specialist procedures, our mobile theatre units are available in two specifications –  standard or laminar flow.

All unit specifications consist of:

  • Anaesthetic room
  • Operating Theatre
  • 2 bed first-stage recovery area
  • Staff changing room
  • Utility areas
  • HEPA Filtered environmental air which conforms to Grade C EUGMP with up to 30 changes per hour
  • Integrated medical gas banks, vacuum and scavenging systems

In addition the laminar flow specification offers HEPA Filtered environmental air, conforming to Grade A EUGMP, with up to 600 air changes per hour passing over the patient

The innovative design of Vanguard’s units allow the theatres to be integrated with a mobile ward to create a day surgery facility.


Standard Theatre

  • Conforms to Grade C EUGMP
  • Unit dimensions: 15m length by 8m width
  • Site location required: 19m by 10m (190m²)

Laminar Flow Theatre

  • Conforms to Grade A EUGMP
  • Unit dimensions: 15m length by 8m width
  • Site location required: 19m by 10m (190m²)


Electrical Supply

125 Amp 3 phase power

Water Supply

1 x 15mm pipe at 3 bar – brass screw tap connection

Foul drainage

1 x 35mm pipe (4 x 35mm for Modular Standard)


2 Connections

Standard Operating Room layout plan

360˚ View


Laminar Flow Operating Room layout plan


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