Mobile Day Surgery - Vanguard Healthcare UK

Suitable for a wide range of general and specialist surgeries, our mobile day surgery facilities can offer a substantial increase in clinical capacity and post-operation bed space. Vanguard’s mobile day surgeries can be utilised to supplement existing facilities during refurbishment or to overcome various capacity challenges.

Our Mobile Day Surgery facility consists of:

  • Reception
  • Patient waiting area
  • Admission and discharge area
  • Anaesthetic room
  • Mobile Theatre
  • 6/8 bed recovery ward
  • Bedhead system with oxygen, vacuum and lights
  • Consulting room
  • Utility areas
  • Changing room
  • Toilet with wheelchair access
  • Refreshment area
  • HEPA filtered environmental air which conforms to Grade C EUGMP


Unit dimensions

18m length by 10m width

Site location required

26m by 12m (312m²)

Electrical supply

1 x 150 amp 3 three phase N+E power supply, which requires a D2 250A or D9 150A Marechal electrical socket.

Water supply

1 x 15mm pipe at 3 bar – brass screw tap connection

Foul drainage

5 x 35mm pipe


2 connections

Unit layout plan

360˚ View


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