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Vanguard Healthcare are in the business of supporting the NHS and other healthcare organisations tackle problems through the provision of mobile clinical capacity.


To be the first call when our Healthcare customers need a flexible solution for healthcare delivery.

Core Values

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Market Drivers

Our history

The early days: 1999 – 2009

Vanguard Healthcare started life as part of Cardinal Healthcare in 1999. In March 2002, with three mobiles and 12 members of staff, the mobile division underwent a management buyout from Cardinal and began trading as a separate entity – Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Ltd.

Following a successful two-year spell as an independent company, which saw Vanguard provide an innovative mobile cataract treatment service to NHS patients across the UK, the company was bought by Nuffield Health (formerly Nuffield Hospitals) in October 2004. By 2008, over 100,000 patients had been treated on Vanguard’s ever-growing fleet of state-of-the-art mobile units, with the mobile division having become a key part of Nuffield’s service offering.

In April 2009, Vanguard once again became an independent company following a management buyout from Nuffield Health.

Vanguard Healthcare: 2009 – Present

Vanguard Healthcare has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading provider of mobile surgery and endoscopy services, both to the NHS and to private healthcare organisations. With 37 mobile surgical units at its disposal, Vanguard also boasts the single largest fleet of mobile surgical facilities in the world.

In early 2010, Vanguard launched a pan-European service that saw the company’s mobile services offered to healthcare organisations across a number of key countries including The Netherlands, Italy, France and Poland. The company has established a network of sales and marketing agents and will soon be deploying mobile units at public and private hospitals across Europe.

Back in the UK, Vanguard adapted to the changing healthcare landscape and further established itself as one of the NHS’s key service providers. In summer 2010 Vanguard became a member of the NHS Partners Network – the leading trade association for service providers working within the National Health Service. With the focus of UK healthcare shifting to local care, Vanguard is perfectly placed to help the NHS meet the challenges of modern healthcare and bring flexible, high quality healthcare to patients, closer to their homes.

Following the change of regulations that came with the new coalition government in 2010, Vanguard registered with the Care Quality Commission, to cover the company’s full range of services, having previously been registered as a nurse agency. Vanguard remains the only provider of temporary mobile/modular healthcare solutions to be registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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